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I got the southeastern mountain herbs for health, Dragon Radio.
Rocky mountain power bolus
.. Relieve pain by relaxing the body is compressed air. Abdominal colic, tea, tea hand, foot pain, knee pain, sore muscles, ligaments holding the shoulder to hit a tight wind flow Expansive snap lock grease blockages in blood vessels. I'm spinning.tumultuous. You should stick to hit the air flow back and epigastric (dangerous) constipation on a regular basis. And as a mild laxative and good you have a problem with his lady. and the power of birth. take this herb to come. It helps draw women into the garage below. happen to blood residue is washed until the end. Blood flow is well ventilated airy space. My physical health is just the Labour Ke. Have a look and see that yielded instant +++++ drug registration. G391/52. by the Ministry of Health Bangkok. ..... Orders for goods claimed 1,000 service delivery. (Excluding shipping costs).

Detox (DETOX) car wash toxins in the body
. ............. Detox (DETOX) car wash toxins in the body. Residual in the stomach and intestines.The substitution of waste materials. light in fiber products, Detox (clear gut). The food is definitely a garden. Made from nature 100%. have helped.Intestinal wall a mucus fat. And toxins that sticks on the walls of the intestines and stomach, which is 90% of all illness comes from dividing.Stomach and intestine, which causes various diseases, such as the next. and for colon cancer. ,. Allergy. ,. migraine. ,. Constipation ,. hemorrhoids. ,. obesity. ,. acne. Blemish. ,. indigestion, etc., this detox. The high effective ways than traditional detox.Rectal catheterization general because it can flush the toxins through the digestive tract. Also.Can replace the lack of dietary fiber in children and the mold was. safe to eat before you sleep.Once a day each. 2-3 tablets. just. . 3 days. Clearly visible within 6 -12.hours.

Krachai Water Park.
,,,, Nourishing the body. The digestive system is normal. Carminative and to reduce stomach acid, bloating Tgageฟga belch Kidney rancid urine excreted were airy and open. Because of "niacin" in the finger root. Also. magic in the Quarantine Service of the digestive system of the body is a wonderful as well. In this May 1.containing 20 ml (Price quoted me 240 baht May) offers free delivery in the province!

Yadong powerful mountain spirits
. Fatigue As appetite to eat and sleep herbs 18 record no point in living in a bottle is a vine Eaenaeon Tiggteon Tako in a bundle just Pong seventh floor, king tiger bend earth fire behavior. that sun-brand bag buffalo were herbs. Published as a power player Krahuikrahai many. Sip a little before dinner. Will help them enjoy their appetite. how to pickle , pickled with alcohol use white onion 28 degrees up to 3 days are really into it. Can be preserved for several times until the drug is tasteless. I want it. kind of a case. I have just purchased the goods claimed 1,000 service delivery. (Excluding shipping costs)

The massage oils compliance.
Is. "dodge "were cooking with fresh extract." sesame oil celibacy "for the relief massage. pain, shoulder stiffness and muscular lines to flow Expansive snap lock your tea, tea, foot cramps. beriberi. Face circulation pattern. Inhalation delighted migraine relief. No symptoms, Hong Kong foot SURE!

Powerful herbal steam tent by Ord East Dragon Mountain Radio. .
PavilionMade from cotton crema thick 100%. have a look outside the window. Easy to clean
. 800.00. Baht

Drying herbs with pavilion , making the skin radiant. Relieve fatigue. The body refreshed. For those with health problems. With caution.

The advantage of dried herbs with pavilion

1. skin bright relieve fatigue. And relieve body aches.

. 2 to sweat. If a herbal weight consecutive period 1. month.

. 3 stimulate better blood circulation.

4. respiratory refreshing. Reduce irritation in the throat. .

5 makes the body refreshed. .

6 to help relieve dizziness.

7. help dissolve phlegm.

Contraindications and precautions of herbal steam with pavilion

1. those with a high fever. Disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, lung disease, epilepsy

Resulted in bleeding. And those with severe diarrhea.

2. If there are symptoms of discomfort.Breathing is not easy to be out of the herbal steam room or leave. pavilion immediately.

3. (. Do not take a long time over 10-15.minutes) should be a. . 5 minutes. And leave the room. . 5 minutes, then back again into the oven about 10. minutes.

4. when leaving the room or pavilion should not be weathering or water immediately. Should sit about 30. minutes.

Rocky mountain power bolus
Relieve body aches. Ksai line (line loss) constipation Etadan mild laxative tea, tea, hand, foot and knee pain, back pain, sore tendons.

The wind hit tight.
มกราคม 2562